Interesting Images

Artist: Edward Hopper
American, 1882-1967

Nighthawks (1942)
Oil on canvas
84.1 x 152.4cm
This is one of my favourite piece of work from Edward Hopper. In fact, this is one of the best-known images of twentieth-centurty art. Edward Hopper said that Nighthawks was inspired by “a restaurant on New York’s Greenwich Avenue where two streets meet,” but the image-with its carefully constructed composition and lack of narrative-has a timeless, universal quality that transcends its particular locale.  I really like how Edward Hopper could transmit such strong message of human isolation in a large city with a simple setting, together with his knowledge of the expressive possibilities of light in his painting.

Artist: Lucian Freud

‘I paint people’, Freud has said, ‘not because of what they are like, not exactly in spite of what they are like, but how they happen to be’.

Reflection (self-portrait)
Oil on canvas
56.2 x 51.2 cm

Lucian Freud is one of my all-time favourite artist because of his impasto use of paint to render the human flesh realistically.

Artist: Bruno Walpoth

I chanced upon this artist randomly and was enthralled by the hype realism of his wood sculpture.  First of all, he highlighted the form by turning wood into flesh on this lifelike size piece of work through meticulous sanding for the skin and traces of chisel or being painted with pastel-like pigment for areas that are clothed. Secondly, I think it is breathtaking at how he managed to capture the moment of human existence that reflect our own store of impressions in his work. There were no attempts to narrate any big ideas but simple moments of existence that we all went through.

Artist: Alexa Meade

Alexa Meade is a Los Angeles based artist best known for her portraits painted on the human body that turn real life people into seemingly 2D works of art. She has no formal art training prior but went on because of her interest in shadows and light. I really like how expressive her painting strokes were and her play of shadows and lights. More notable, I believe, is her innovation use of paint on 3D surfaces of found objects, live models and architectural spaces that a perceptual shift in how we experience and interpret spatial relationships. 

Photographer: Haruhiko Kawaguchi
Nationality: Japanese
Title: Flesh Love

2a280-hk1-550x410 00f15-hal-01-550x734f4e1a-glasses-man776a6-naked-couple  35f9b-hal-02-550x7342395c-flesh-love-3-1f9d3d-flesh-love-punx-550x410655cf-flesh-love-colors-550x410

This is a very interesting piece of work whereby the photographer took 80 couples in vacuum-sealed packs and has only 10 seconds to capture the “flesh love”. His choice of setting creates that intense situation for the participants to express their fierce feelings towards their lover  as they embrace. I personally feel that this is very ingenious means to force people to unleash their desires; several participants have also expressed thoughts in their split-moment was just to hold onto their partners as they panicked over the 10 seconds of vacuum. Whether it is truly love to begin with, or the basic need to hang onto someone in such desperate situation, I could feel that intended ‘Flesh Love’ from their postures and it is undeniable that the quirky nature of the Japan culture is very evident in the work of the participants.

Artist: Gabriel Orozco

Kytes Tree 2005
Synthetic polymer paint on canvas
This was one of his earlier paintings. There is high level of abstraction and minimalism that I draw likeliness to Piet Mondrian’s works; though Gabriel Orozco deals with motifs of circles and instead of yellow he uses gold. However, what was more interesting was that his works are not a product of any inspiration or ideals but a product of a high level-headed process where he used chess moves to determine the possibilities of the outputs such as the geometric patterns and colours. What was suggested at the end of the work was more of the possibilities of endless variations.
Artist: Jane Lee

Status (2009)
Mixed media installation
480 x 420 x 20 cm

This is another piece which I encountered at Medium At Large exhibition in Singapore Art Museum. The installation is a mixed of painting, sculpture and installation. Originally a canvas painting but red paints have literally escaped from the conventional canvas to become their own frame. Already monumental in scale, the sensuous paint in its rich red colour, viscosity and textural variations further creates an imposing command on the audience to rethink about the idea of medium in contemporary art. There was a feeling of orderliness amid the splatter of paints; because of the bordering effect it created that really imposes a commanding effect to concentrate at the work itself.

Interesting Images

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