Volunteering at ELCAF 2015

So…I volunteered at ELCAF 2015 on 20 and 21 June! This was the first time I ever participated in such event and I was so glad that I took up this opportunity.  It was so inspiring and heartwarming to see that there is such a close-knitted and supportive art community and public support; in the sense that I think these are still lacking in Singapore at the moment though it has been improving. So there I was unconfident about my future prospect and ability as an illustrator, I began to think about possibilities where I could perhaps venture into related areas like organising such events in Singapore to boost the arts scene. Hahaha. Nonetheless, I think this event was really awesome because they have talks, one-to-one sessions with practitioners for guidance, workshops that catered to not just adults but also kids and many nice works.

Another notable happening was that while on duty, I got to speak to Maggi Li, an illustrator from Akido, who shared her experience from being a student to finding a place in the illustration world.

In all, it was a really really nice experience and to top it off, they have got really nice free flow of popcorns 🙂

Volunteering at ELCAF 2015

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