Fiction ‘Mistake Making Day’ Workshop

We had a ‘Mistake Making Day’ Workshop and I participated in the 3D making exercise that sought to explore the spatial relationships, landscapes, scales, time etc where we used basic materials like cereal boxes and papers to build our models.

My book is ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ and with my current obsession with the catastrophic and paranoid feeling of entrapment within the room with the yellow wallpaper and shadowy ‘women’, I set out to make a 3D exploration of the room using a cereal box, modelling clay for the protagonist, a bed made of cardboard and tissue paper for bed sheet linen textures and later on, I played with the styrofoam cutter and cut out some figurines of the ‘shadowy’ women.

Here are some of the snapshots:


Fiction ‘Mistake Making Day’ Workshop

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