Fiction crit

Had my fiction critique on Friday. It was amazing because I learned so much from listening to Geoffrey’s critiques on everyone’s works.

I was embarrassed with my work initially because it was so starkly simple in contrast to my peers’.  I don’t know if such simplicity is good or bad; but I do feel that my works lack a distinctive characteristic (in terms of styles, materials, mediums or techniques) ? Lacking in some novelty perhaps?

A WIP version. Shall upload once I PS them all together 🙂 (PS: In reality, my room’s wallpaper is even more horrendous)

I did my outcome with the intention that it can be used for a book cover. Therefore, I didn’t want it be to overly divulging of the story. It has to tell the story but holds some suspense for the audience and entice them to take the book and read it on their own.

My message is pretty clear: is she the wallpaper or not? In or out of the wallpaper?  I showed that via the wallpapers: some are engulfing it; some are still at a different layer with her; while some have already covered her.  Then I tried to express emotional state of the narrator in this context explicitly and directly via her facial expression. I have a tendency to go simple and not complicate issue; hence I limited the colour palate to simply yellow and a plain drawing of the protagonist.

Feedbacks from the critique session:

  • Wallpaper design seems abit chaotic?; and
  • probably too 1990-2000. Would be better to research more into those during the Victorian period;  (PS: I did attempt to look at William Morris’ design for a more decorative nature design but I didn’t allocate sufficient time to further research and develop my own template. Hence I ended up with this simplistic curvy lines)
  • Hair looks abit like cloth drap? Short or long hair? –> needs to be better deliberated (PS: Got to admit I didn’t think through hard enough about the hair as compared to the facial expression. All I envisioned was her lying on the bed with her hair frayed out in a messy state as she was) 
  • The expression nailed it; with her big eyes liken to Lucian Freud’s works.
  • It was simple and direct
  • The details of wallpaper coming in and out of the hair was good

For future reference: (these were the questions we were asked to think about during our critique):

  • Does the work fulfil the brief
  • What are its strengths
  • Were you able to use your Core research work? How?
  • Are there elements to the illustration you think could be strengthened?
  • Does the illustration add anything to the writing?
  • Does it unveil any hidden themes in the writing? (Allegories or metaphors as mentioned by Adrain)
  • How well does the visual language used compliment the writing?
  • Is sequence used in the illustration, and if so, how does it enhance the visual narratives?
  • How is character used to good effect?
  • Did the illustrator choose the option from the brief that best suits their practice?
  • Did any of the workshops or lectures lever the last few weeks help you? How?
Fiction crit

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