Illustration Next

Some works from Illustration Next (Ana Benaroya., 2013) that I like:

How we eat, Time magazine, graphite and digital, 2009 by Whitney Sherman

I like how the napkin was used by different ppl is being used as the vehicle to illustrate how we eat. It’s simple and direct; and there’s a sense of humor in the caricatures.

Couple in bed, acrylic on canvas, 2010 , by Jordan Awan

This is another simple but spot on illustration of couple in bed; it’s very literal I would say. Another thing is that, I like how the illustrator kept the colour palate simple which keeps the focus on the subtle differences n similarities of the couples; and the way the characters are drawn in a way where they are similar but subtlely different-eg the hairs, the ‘pointed parts’.

Personal work by Henrik Drescher

Henrik Drescher’s works always have a weird, quirky and surreal appeal to me. There’s usually a sort of mess with an array of techniques-pens, collage, juxtaposition of drawings and graphics. Even though I couldn’t understand all his works at times, they still somehow appeal to me. Also, I guess it’s because his ‘messy’ style (I called it messy not because it’s really messy but it’s just not the clean and slick kind of illustration) which embodies a lot of freedom, is something I desire to have at times.

Yellow Mountain, marker on A4, by Yu Matsuoka
Iceberg Koori No Yama, marker on paper A4, by Yu Matsuoka

 The style reminds me of Fauvism-“an extreme extension of post-Impressionism of Van Gogh combined with the Neo-Impressionsim  of George Seurat”; “a rejection of traditional 3-dimensional spaces for flat areas of patches of colours to create new pictorial spaces”; “a form of expressionism in its use of brilliant colours and spontaneous brushstrokes” (quoting I like; hence, noting this down so I remember to try drawing in this style one day!

Illustration Next

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