Bought 2 books by Charles M.Schulz at Southbank Book Market today! They are 1970s editions but I couldn’t buy more without more money :S.

Anyway…these are classics because nothing beats Schulz’s comic illustrations of life issues wrapped up so intelligently in activities and conversations of our everyday life; and these are precisely what tick me in comics/illustrations and art: the ability to encapsulate hard truths in simple and direct visual representations that many people can easily identify first and then evoke further reflection.

Okays, I like deep philosophical things that’s why too.

Within one of my not-so-new book, there was this handwritten note which reminds me of my own personal experience but it also brings me to the art of handwritten notes-its physicality and the resultant artefact. In short, it brings me back to topics that have been popping up in my Unit 5 alongside the manufacture & sustainability issues.


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