Letterpress and Architecture play-lab

Had a letterpress and architecture workshop which introduced me to letterpress (obviously!) and Brutalist architecture!

The rationale behind the workshop was actually to explore foundations of graphic design and explore zones where graphic design intersects with image-making using letterpress-a discipline of rules and structures.

Working in the letterpress workshop was like rummaging a box of jigsaw puzzles and trying to fix the puzzle up. There are so many items which you do not know unless you have run through them.

After thoughts: 

  1. It is interesting to explore how breaking the rules of the structure and rigidity of Letterpress in creating abstract images can be; using simple forms and letters in varied arrangement to create structures, patterns, movements etc in image
  2. Technical glitches encountered: the importance of placing spacers accurately…
  3. The usefulness of understanding negative and positive space in image-making
Letterpress and Architecture play-lab

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