Screenprinting Induction

From my original drawing, I photoshopped 2 layers for screen printing but I wasn’t sure of how to deal with the tonal effect in my original drawing for screen printing when doing the photoshop: whether to have flat colours or how my photoshopped layers would affect the final outcome.

If you could see the final outcome, you would notice that there are some impressions of the tonal values especially on the lips area but overall the impression was not strong because the effects printed on the paper was generally too faint to be captured I suppose. Then, however, I guess screen printing’s distinctiveness lies in its absolute colour which I love it more from my final outcome as compared to the drawing; it was more sleek and clean.

The right outcome was missing some of the lines because I didn’t realise ink could actually dried out on the screen and prevent int from being printed. That’s when you have to use a wet sponge and remove ink from the dried out area and reapply ink on the screen again.

Screenprinting Induction

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