Personally Important

Primer: Personally Important

To prepare for our project-Selling Yourself, a primer task was given upon us to illustrate 14 items that speak of ourselves; as the sayings by Scorates goes “The unexamined life is not worth living”, we can’t sell ourselves if we don’t know what value we are of.

To be honest, even at this moment, while illustrating for such tasks, I have problems conceptualising the visual image. I would wonder if the imagery is too literal or at times, especially in illustrating intangible ideas, I would be at total loss. Even technically, I am still not settled down enough with a specific medium to develop properly.

Happy Freuds Day

With the primer task setting as a “mirror” to see yourself as other people see you, we began our ‘Happy Freuds’ task as we go around defining the ‘person’ with the list of words given.

Our second task of the day was then to create a visual emblem for the random person. Below was the emblem that I received from Amber Jeong.

As a matter of fact, without any descriptions of images depicting of my responses to the questions, I don’t think my drawings could communicate effectively. The netball court and netball were probably the most evident ones that inspired Amber’s visual emblem.

Meanwhile, this was my response for Anna:

I wasn’t specifically clear about how a visual emblem should be; instead I drew an image that summed up my response of who she might be-someone who is melancholy and probably enjoys thinking about philosophical stuffs in the nature.

Artist Statement

The third task following Happy Freuds, was to use the ‘words’ collected to form an artist statement in about 200 words:

Like the literal meaning of her name-Sijie, meaning innocent and pure thoughts, Sijie has a pure soul that some dismayed as naïve. Lies within this sweet little girl is a direct and moral soul standing true of the personality type of INFP. The image she often portrayed externally seems vague or sketchy; but detailed to the labyrinths of her complicated but passionate soul is what lies behind that cold façade. Too cute to stand against the cruel reality of human nature, she reveals the intimate details of her moody inner world that sought to seek a balance with the external world with her crafty ability in her works to present an exaggerated but real moment which all human would possibly relate to.

Not one to be spotted as a disco unless it was the façade Germaine persona for Sijie. Otherwise, the moody Sijie would probably be alone mulling over another yet unthinkable issue regarding the phenomenon of life.


Overall, these activities were enlightening moments of self-discovery. People often think they know themselves; but more often than not, sometimes we forgot who we are or didn’t realised that this was who we are. It was really nice to have re-understand and re-learnt about who you are from the Primer Task, to learning about how people perceived you in Happy Freuds.

Forming your own artist statement with words collected from Happy Freud was really crazy and fun. There are words that you instinctively believed are not you but in the process of conjuring up your own artist statement, they somehow fit into the positive or negative. Professionally, I wouldn’t think the above artist statement speak very true of me (maybe just an ounce of truth)  because I cooked them up in a moment of frenzy but it was a good wake-up call to look at who I am, how I work and what works I do as an artist.




Personally Important

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