John Bently’s Bookbinding Workshop

Some self-books made by previous students which I particularly like (probably because of their very simple but effective theme):

This book was about buttons. Inside were all prints of different button designs. The cover was made with a felt material which gives the ‘Button’ book a familiar textile feel.

This was a self-narrated diary connected via paper cup. Each paper cup has a different story and origin. The choice of presentation, in terms of layout, photograph style, font and paper colour etc, has a vintage feeling.

I can’t remember exactly what the story was about but this was a pretty small book. What I really like was the drawings in the chosen medium and how empty spaces were being utilised with the subject drawings to convey the storytelling. There was a long accordion in one part of the book and I really love how the composition worked across each page and in a long stretch.

2016-02-26 12.05.57

This is an accordion book on grass; very simple but interesting.

John Bently’s Bookbinding Workshop

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