Workshop by Studio Operative: Part 2-Associative Thinking

In the 2nd part of the workshop, we had a brainstorming session for each other work by making use of associative thinking.

Associative Thinking (Guidelines prepared by Studio Operative) 

Associative thinking requires you to look into your short-term and long-term memory for any thoughts, ideas, images and so on that you associate with a given word, term or idea. What does it remind you of? Think of emotions, feelings events, pictures, sounds, smells, sensations and memories, and what you have read, seen, experienced, thought and felt, in connection with the word or term or idea.

Basic Rules:

  1. You have to work quickly as possible and aim to finish the exercise in 10 minutes.
  2. The quantity of ideas is more important than quality. (This goal forces your mind to switch off analytical, logical thinking and to simply accept whatever ideas you think of as valid)
  3. Do not analyse, criticise or judge your ideas. Just write them all dow without analysing them.

My Images and Peers’ feedbacks:

I didn’t have a clear idea initially (even though I just had my tutorial on Tuesday) because my thoughts were running everywhere; all I know I am doing about one or more of these ideas: back view, identity, loneliness, lone figure…

My micro/macro diary doesn’t have anything except for that back view of the girl related to my subject for ‘Selling Yourself’. I chanced upon the image by Pipilott Rist and took it because it was running along my idea of an imprint or existence in this world; it fits my feeling of lost in the vastness.

When I placed this 2 images together, they actually worked together and got me positive feedbacks. In particularly, what has worked effectively was having a specific image coupled with an abstract one as well as the juxtaposition of negative space vs positive image which creates the sense of loneliness that I was aiming for.


Workshop by Studio Operative: Part 2-Associative Thinking

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