A new upcoming science fiction romantic film that is timely with our current 2060 brief. In Equals, it is a futuristic utopia where emotions are eradicated and classified as a disease. The leads then struggled with their attraction and love story in this emotive-free society.

Just wondering… why do all futuristic films envisioned a very mechanised society in the sense that all humans are donned in white, walking around in very orderly manner, and doing things mechanically, like in Wall-E, Equals, and…. ?  I do understand that technology advancement and AI development are probably the reason for projecting humans as orderly and mechanical beings just like robots. However, I don’t really fathom why would everything necessarily be stripped to its essence and going totally minimalistic in design in the future. Or maybe I do if I consider minimalism (as I assume it is) is the epitome of utopia because at the other end of the spectrum, a dystopia would be one that is totally messed-up because freedom is boundless and unchecked.

When I envision about the future and how to design it, it seems more of a constant challenge of the notion of who we are as human and what we value. I think it is important that when designing, we need to constantly take into considerations about what makes us human- our consciousness-otherwise, what meaning would the future take on if we lose the essence of what we are in the first place.


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