2060: Week 2 Food

As we take on a speculative design approach in our 2060 brief, week 2 was about what and how people in 2060 would eat.

The notion that our group was playing with was “Eating with your eyes” where we anticipate a future where we could just print whatever food we want ourselves onto ‘paper’ with the image of the food on it. For the health-conscious people or eating-guilt people, this could well be their solution to have a visual visceral eating experience to satisfy their cravings. Unlike the norm of 3D food printing, our group flattened the form of real food and as in 3D printing into a 2D item for human consumption. In doing so, we are challenging the dimensions of what food is and hence why and how we eat food in the future. One thing for sure, for convenience purposes, our ‘food’ is easily accessible by printing; our slogan sums it up well-“Just Print and Eat”.

The idea to print a hyperreal image is to facilitate our notion “Eating with your Eyes”. The issue of taste or whatsoever has been dismissed throughout. What is contemplative here is the repercussion of such “Eating with your eyes” with total disregard for taste, smell and touch on the meaning of food.

Project Process

As we divide up the work, illustration students in the group took up the responsibilities for the packaging design of our “Print Food”. Initially, we were playing with the literal ideas of “Print Food” and I conceptualised a table setting where the printer would replace the plate as below:

Upon researching on packaging designs, I was pretty much inspired by the following designs where a literal approach was undertaken to show the product directly within the design.

Bearing that our food was a printer food and very flat and thin, I thought (within the short time frame that we have) an envelope-kind of package would be good to embody the convenience and ready-to-go spirit of our product. As such I conceptualised the following envelope design in a similar style as our poster (designed by the graphic students in our group) to have the product mimicking printing when the consumer pull it out from the envelope.

2016-04-29 14.56.32-1.jpg

This idea was brought forward to the next level when we finalised our presentation mode by having a mock-up 3D printer instead. The whole presentation was done in a ‘food stall’ setting where we drew up a menu accompanied by posters and signage.

Responses from the 2060 Banquet,

There were some scepticism received but mainly because this was the first time they encountered edible paper (we actually used rice paper and got it printed from bakery shop). Notwithstanding that, our food was met with much positive acceptance.


2060: Week 2 Food

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