A recent campaign by Peta brings into attention the extreme cruelty involved in the fashion industry of exotic skin products. Conceptualised by Oglivy & Mather Advertising Bangkok, a pop-up shop, The Leather Work, was created within Bangkok’s bustling mall. The shop showcased leather goods as per usual but within the interior of these goods, they present the cold hard truth of the cruelty behind this business using snake’s or crocodile’s still-beating heart or an alligator’s intestines that contract and expand in the interiors of the bags or smearing fake blood on consumers when they took off the shoes or gloves upon trying.

The campaign msg in the video was: “For the exotic skins industry, cruelty is a daily business.”


Personal Reflection
Personally I think this concept to bring across the cruelty behind the glamorous products was ingenious. As Peta headlined it-“Beauty often blinds people to cruelty”, such a direct confrontation placed within the products itself to the direct consumers has such a strong affect. Those internal organs are ghastly but it is the truth which the consumers were blinded with.

More often than not, I think shock is an important affect and method to bring across statement(s) to people and possibly induce change in us.

In a way, I thought this was really relevant to my previous Unit 5: The Expanded Designer and our current 2060 in the aspect that design has the power and social conscience to influence the society and world.

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