Just attended a British/Japanese artist talk organised by The Japan Foundation and it was awesome and rewarding for my 2060 brief!

Previously for 2060, there had been talks on speculative and critical design but they tend to have a more serious and practical tone. Hence when I saw Sputniko! works, I was really excited because her works, despite being also of speculative design, they were presented in a very lighthearted and humour way. Her design ideas are often furthered into music film of diegesis style that have strong distinctive Japan Pop culture elements. As a result of such presentation, the message in her works become receptive for a broader audience. For instance, with the intention to demystify mythologies with science in her latest work “Red Silk of Fate-Tamaki’s Crush”, she started with the concept to recreate the East Asia myth about the red silk of fate by genetically modifying a silkworm to produce red string with love hormones-oxytocin. Following on, she would incorporate the idea and product into her film. Hence, in “Red Silk of Fate-Tamaki’s Crush”, it unravels a story about the protagonist Tamaki, an aspiring genetic engineer, who engineers her own “Red Silk of Fate” in the hope of wining the heart of her crush.

More could be found on her website: http://sputniko.com

Another thing that was really inspiring and worth learning was how she used social platforms to seek collaboration even during her RCA days to help in the realisation of her projects. She mentioned how she came to such working methodology was actually due to  initial skills gap with her peers in RCA having come from a Math and Computer Science background instead of having years of art foundation. TO BE CONTINUED 🙂 


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